no kid ’n play 2018
Primary logo and alternate monogram for a recreational adult softball team in Andover, MA. The main logo is used in a single color on shirts, and the monogram is intended for team hats.
art gafowag invitational2010 – 2018
Logo, promotional and event materials for a small golf tournament in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.
This annual event with an outsize appetite for tongue-in-cheek silliness serves as a creative laboratory for the tournament founders, all creative professionals. A suitably over-the-top coat of arms carries many of the tournament’s hallmarks, and lends a sense of heritage and seriousness to the competition.
salem athletic club 2001
Logo for a fitness club in Salem, New Hampshire. Operating continuously for nearly 40 years, the club offers a wide array of fitness options, from racquetball and swimming to group exercise, with programs for young and old alike. The logo communicates an evolving organization with a holistic view of physical fitness.
portsmouth athletic club2001
Logo for a fitness club in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, using an illustrative monogram of the club’s acronym (PAC). The goal was to create an iconic mark conveying a sports-focused message to the urbanizing Portsmouth market.
This logo was in use until the club was renamed Seacoast Sports Clubs in 2009 after adding several additional locations.
berkshire bank2018
Logo execution of a client concept to support Berkshire Bank’s support of the 2018 Pan-Mass Challenge charity ride.
Berkshire’s employees volunteered in a route-support capacity and wore this logo on their shirts.
SI Equipment2003
Logo for an aerial construction equipment firm in Concord, CA.
Bubble Wrap 2005
Logo for Sealed Air Corporation’s iconic Bubble Wrap® brand air cellular cushioning. This was the completed concept selected; changes for the final logo were made between the client and the agency.
EPULA 2009
Logo for a small artisan coffee roaster in Wilmington, North Carolina.
urban recon 2014
Logo for a localized services startup.
Logo for a tech startup that would allow customers to match their preferred price on a good with a seller who would meet that price.
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